Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Sleepypod RAWKS!!

Those of you that have been reading this blog for some time, know that I spend a great deal more time than I want to hauling Squeebert to and from the vet's office (which is a dastardly 50 minute car ride, complete with the "kitty song" being howled at fabulous decibel levels).  Needless to say Squeebert doesn't appreciate this any more than I do.
First off, there's the issue of the stress. Every cat I've ever owned has not been enamored of the Vet Experience. (Well, except once.  Beastly's first visit to the vet she truly thought was a joyous outing....til the thermometer appeared.  Click here to see the pre-thermometer antics of the innocent!)  Honestly, because it stresses the cats out, I end up getting stressed as well. Now we can add the extra bonus points of "stress can trigger asthma" to the equation.  rah.

So then there's the car safety issue. Big rectangle plastic carrier, super-clangy metal door to make lots of extracurricular noise on bumpy roads, and how exactly do you get a seatbelt around one of those things anyhow??? Very carefully, and with hopes it won't slide off the plastic....

Well, before Christmastime, I was gifted with what I consider to be one of the ultimate kitteh-owner gifts: A Sleepypod.
photo courtesy of Sleepypod
How do we love our Sleepypod?  Let us count the ways!!!  The furry ones just KNEW there was something exquisite and wonderfully useful in the box when it arrived.
Beastly and Squeebert "WHAAAAIZZZZZITTTT??"
Everything about this company says "Practical and Cool", from the packaging, to the design, to the choice of color...right down to the accessories that are made for the Sleepypod.

First, the unveiling.
The Sleepypod is made to function as a bed when it's not being used as a carrier.  The top zips on and off easily to reveal a round, foam-padded bed covered with plush material.  The cats couldn't wait to get in it....ANY of it!
The outside material is a sturdy nylon that my husband thought I was nuts to ask for in white.  (Due to Squeebert's asthma, I didn't scotchguard it, but I probably would if he didn't have his special issues.).  The mesh on the dome top is a heavy plastic material, that I really like, as it seems to give the cat a sense of "not being seen" as much as the average carrier door does.
Beastly at home in the Sleepypod
I ordered the heating pad because Squeebert is a heat seeker....because of his hypothyroidism.  The kittehs immediately took to the Sleepypod as a bed, but from the moment I plugged that heater in, it is the coveted spot on even slightly chilly days!
But the true test was the first vet visit.  Squeebert had to go in for some tummy issues and I can say that the Sleepypod made a difference in how he travelled.  Proof?  The kitty song wasn't as constant and didn't sound as stressed as other vet trips.  I truly think that the time spent at home in the Sleepypod as just a place to dream kitty dreams made that difference.
Squeebert waiting his turn.....
Then there's the brilliant way that the Sleepypod is put together.  Under a plush fur-like liner is a nylon covered foam insert.  Both of these zip out easily to be washed, which is a good, I take that back.  It's a GREAT thing, as on that first (and second!) vet trip, Squeebert was sedated (more on this in a future blogpost) and had widdle accidents.  Both time when I got home, I unzipped the liner, unzipped the insert and stuffed them into our washing machine, which destroys clothes on a regular basis.  Both times, it came out clean and in fabulous shape.  Zip, zip, and the kitties were fighting over it on the couch again like nothing had ever occurred.  This thing rawks.

True, the Sleepypod is a little awkward shaped ~ the roundness of it causes it to rest a bit "unstably" on your hip, and Squeebert did slide to the lower side of the pod.  But I also think that the roundness works for the cat.  There are no corners to back into to make a cat feel...well...cornered! The pod curves in the shape of a cat when it's curled up, comfy and relaxed...that's got to have a positive psychological effect.  My only pseudo complaint (more like a suggestion to the manufacturer actually) is that I'd like to see some additional velcro closures to completely secure the bottom of the sleepypod to the top.  In light of the missing kitty stories (like Jack/American Airlines), one does have a tendency to think about the "what ifs" a bit more... But I have to say that our sleepypod has given us no sign that the top would ever separate from the bottom. It's sturdy, well made and absolutely brilliant.
(not us.) photo courtesy of Sleepypod
And people will me. In a good way.  Squeebert goes to the hippest, most expensivest (ha!) specialty vet clinic in town and even THEY commented on his new carrier.  We felt tres chic...and Squeebert felt tucked away and safe....and that last part makes it all worth it.

A highly recommended product.  See more at 


The Island Cats said...

What an awesome PTU!! We gotta talk our mom into getting one of those for us!!

cat hair everywhere said...

Dear Island cats, what's a PTU?? (sooooo curious!) We highly recommend saving a bit out of your catnip allowance each month and getting's the cat's pajamas and bed and blanket and soooooo much more!! Thanks for reading!

The crazy ragdoll cat lady said...

I would LOVE to own one, because I am always looking for stylish and useful cat items. and this one has not one, but two functions! and it looks pretty on top of that.

But the problem here isn't the price. Though it isn't cheap, I think it is worthy it and I would buy two of them. But my kittens are ragdolls, and they will grow to be BIG cats, if they are anything like their father and mother. So, until they make a bigger version of this, I won't be able to buy it. :(

I know they have the sleepy pod air, that fits bigger cats, but I really fell in love with this one. *sigh*

cattywumpus said...

This looks good. I found a store in Boston that carries them, so I'm going to check one out.