Friday, November 26, 2010

Squeebert gets a boost!

Well, another visit to the vet but with some turbo power this time! The one vet (yes, apparently in the world) who has studied Squeebert's condition contacted us and let us know that there were a few other tests that we should have run on Squeebert to make sure that his pituitary gland was functioning well enough and he wouldn't have an "episode" that could kill him. (yeah, I know....Like I could say no to the tests after a comment like that!)  There were 2 tests, one to check whether he was getting the right amount of growth hormone, and the second to check the other levels of hormones that the pituitary puts out....I'm a little vague on what those are ~ one is cortisol to deal with stress, then my vet (neurologist) mentioned prednisone ~ which i didn't even know that the body made!  Oh, and the thyroid level recheck.  Pricey.  And NOT covered by insurance (as they may diagnose congenital defects with pituitary function....congenital stuff isn't covered under pet insurance, of course.)  Verdicts:  He's still rather under medicated on the thyroid side, so now the wee boy gets TWICE the dosage of thyroid meds (same meds!) as I do!!  We just started it a week ago, and it'll take about 6 weeks to see any real change....we're expecting to see him go from a potato to a rocket during that time, which will make Beastly happy!  The cortisol test came back normal (RAH!), so now we wait for the growth hormone test.  Since that's a unusual test, it will take us at least 3 weeks to get it back, so we're keeping fingers crossed.  In the meantime, Squeebert keeps asking for odd things to eat, like peaches, collard greens, cantalope, mizuna, kale, broccoli and about a zillion other fruits and veg.  I keep his portion down to less than a 1/2 teaspoon though...since I don't even know if his system is set up for those foods! Beastly loves celery leaves... go figure.   I'll post the results of his growth hormone test when I get it....if only because it cost so much!!!  hahahahha!  In the meantime, here's a few snapshots of happy squeebert and his little potato body....we love him so!!

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