Monday, February 15, 2010

Shay's a freak., really.  he's completely a freak.  In the last few months, I've tried to locate information on non-congenital hypothyroidism in kittens.  There are 2 articles on the internet regarding congenital hypothyroidism.......There's quite a bit of info on hypothyroidism that is brought on in older cats by treatment of hyPERthyroidism... But regarding non-congenital hyPO thyroid kittens??? Nada.
So what do i do?  Well,  I contacted the writer of the one paper that appeared in a google search to find out if she could send her research paper to me...turns out she's an UBER-vet in the research and development department at Purina HQs.  She answered me.  Holy crap. I didn't know sne of the top vets in the country.  She sent the article she wrote (which used 17 letter words to describe short legs...which basically means i couldn't decipher but 6 words of the article..) which i forwarded onto my vet here.  Now they are consulting over Shay.  Wow.  In the meantime, the Uber-vet wants photos of Shay for her presentations on hypothyroidism in kittens, as she doesn't have many pix.  Good news? Bad news? Shoot, I dunno....probably bad that there's so little research on his condition, but heck, if you're going to have a rare condition, at least have one of the top R&D vets in the nation consulting w/your vet! [=  

So how is Shay doing?  Well, we've doubled his meds...ironically that means that he's on the same dosage of the same drug that I'm on for my hypothyroidism! hahaha! And he only weighs 7lbs!  He has more energy now, but doesn't quite know what to do with himself...since he's always been too pooped to play! He just kind of runs around and pokes at things and runs off... he still has his quiet moments, which is my favorite time to snap photos of here are a few of Shay being Shay....we have another vet appointment in about a month for another blood draw (this one is a 2-parter that he has to stay there during the day for....not going to be too fun for him I'm afraid.  Might have to be without Beastly this time, which will be a first time separation for them) but I'll keep y'all posted....
resting in his favorite place...

nif nif nif

big boy shay (all 7 pound of him! ha!)

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