Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beastly using a Cat Dancer by herself


Here's Beastly...who has learned how to play a game with her "Cat Dancer" toy with no human needed. Watch how she knows that the side with one "twisty" is the handle that she needs in her mouth to make the game more enticing, and checks/switches the end to only use the "handle" end. She also knows that she can "push" with the one end in her mouth and pretend to pursue the other end in a straight line....we are skeerd of how smart she it at 4 months old.......we are officially starting to hide our car keys and ATM cards from her as of now......clicker training, here we come!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

...the new window seat and the weans....

....we have goats, chickens, horses, dogs and outdoor cats, so chore time outside is a routine that we wanted the indoor fuzzballs to be a part of. So I put up a window seat so they could watch us with all the critters outside, and enjoy the birds when we weren't home. The following photos are of the first moments of The Window Seat.

Photo #1: Beastly and Shay quietly enjoying the new view

Photo #2: Shay going about his grooming business while Beastly starts getting that "look" in her eye

Photo#3: Shay slowly disappearing from the Window Seat (in typically Beastly fashion)

Photo #4 : What's left on the window seat

Photo #5: Beastly's level of badness is rather high at this moment....

Photo #6: What I found dead asleep on the bed not 5 minutes later..... cats. go figure.

the new window seat experience (see above entry to make sense of these photos)