Monday, September 7, 2009

Mr. Stinky Bohannen himself

Shay has finally hit his beserk phase full force. He doesn't care what he runs into, knocks over, plows through...he's going to get what he's pursuin' come hell or high water, i tell ye!!! now if he could only learn to clean his bottom!!!! PHOOOOOIEE!! He has one stinky little bottom! I'd heard about "smelly cats" but now i have one. He gets the best food (royal canin). He will spend time burying Beastly's poops in the litter boxes....and I've seen him clean his own behind a few times, but maaaaan, when you pick him up you KNOW he's one of those smelly cats. We laugh right now cuz he's still cute, but we'll see how we feel when he's 5 years old and full grown. Could be least he doesn't leave a "stamp" when he sits on us! hahahaha!!

1 comment:

Aneirin said...

Aaughhh.... what you talking about. I know he has a long curly tongue (hehe).