Friday, May 1, 2009

8 weeks terrors

oh my lord...can 7 wee fuzzy terrors make a room feel small!!! They are running, chasing, jumping, clawing, stalking, (did I say climbing?) biting, fighting, and more of the same!! Humans have now officially become portable climbing structures for their amusement...I'm wearing2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts when I go in to the room, just to limit the number of puncture marks I receive. But it's sooooooo fun!!!!!


Strayer said...

They are adorable! Coccidia doesn't shed with every poo. Are they on Albon? I have never seen vomiting with coccidia, however, have with giardia. They've had at least one vaccination by now, right, to protect them from distemper? Coccidia is notorious for bright yellow or orange constantly dripping poop, sometimes flecked in blood. Giardia causes stinky mucousy smelly sometimes greenish poop, sometimes with vomiting. Have they been wormed, I hope. Roundworms, even tapeworms are common in kittens that age. Roundworms especially. Do they have temps? Normal temp: 101.5, although kittens can vary upwards with even slight stress, due to small body size.

Strayer said...

If they're on Albon, I suppose you've been told, treatment is 14 days on Albon, one week off, and another week on, or is two more weeks on. Well anyhow. However, again, I have never seen vomiting with coccidia. Roundworms!

Strayer said...

Sorry, I'm over commenting. You're going to ban me. Just adding. Vomiting, diarrhea means inflammation of the digestive tract. This can be bacterial caused, viral caused, parasite caused, food or drink ingestion caused, or caused by severe diseases passed from the mom. Most common bacterial/protozoan causes: coccidia, giardia, spirocytes.

Viral causes, a variety, including corona, corolla viruses and the variation of one of those two, that causes FIP.

Most common ingestion cause: people giving their cats cows milk. All cats are lactose intolerant, but you sound smart and probably know that.

Then the indemic diseases: leukemia and FIP. Was the mom snap tested for FIV/Felk? Hopefully she was.

Distemper causes severe inflammation of the digestive tract, but usually would have killed kittens in 24 or 48 hours.

Parasites: round and tapeworms, both cause diarrhea and sometimes vomiting if infestation is heavy. Sometimes the diarrhea is blood streaked, with worm infestations. A kitten needs rounwormed three times, ten days to two weeks between wormings. This is because the larvae hang out in organs, even traverse eyes. When the cat is wormed, this kills the mature worms. The larvae then migrate to the emptied gut and mature. This takes ten days to two weeks. Three times of treatment is required to make sure one has gotten all those larvae into the gut and killed in heavily infested kittens.